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DingLie basketball team won the 2019 YiZheng City "ShuangGou Treasures Fang FengTan Wine" first prize in the basketball match

        The 2019 YiZheng "ShuangGou Treasures Fang FengTan Wine" basketball invitational tournament is begin of June.

Our YangZhou DingLie basketball team to participate in, through layer upon layer against, finally stand into the finals!

       At 8:00 p.m. on June 14, DingLie basketball team and the final YouJing energy in YiZheng city sports center, the two sides on competitive sport to process is nervous, the result is excited.Finally, DingLie basketball team narrowly 7 points to win the final!


                                                                          ▲Warm-up before the game


                                                                                    ▲Group photo


                                                                                   ▲The final score




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