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ShuangDing new style in new year's day

Back in 2015. ShuangDing chem under the joint efforts of all staff, to product quality as the fundamental, to serve the old customers, develop new products new customers as the breakthrough point, product output and so on various economic indexes meet the planned target this year.
These exhilarating and uplifting results demonstrate that the company's strategy is clear, positioning is accurate, and decisions are right.
At the same time, through these achievements, let us understand that only the quality of products can have a place in the market.
Integrity is also a key factor in success.
The New Year is approaching, and shuangding chemical industry will enter the New Year.
Here, in 2016, I wish to make progress and cooperate with all the clients, and join hands with many new and old friends to promote friendship.
I wish all my new friends a great future in 2016!





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